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I'm Hussein Taleb, the host of The Tell & Profit Summit 2023 and I want to tell you a little about how the summit is going to be a perfect positioning piece for your brand and business.

Here's the thing...

Businesses get more exposure, grow more quickly, and make more money when they leverage authenticity, honesty, and stories.

And Tell & Profit is all about helping business owners know where to focus their energy to be successful.

The fact is, my summit audience needs what your brand has to offer and by being a sponsor, you'll get top-notch access to them!

This event is designed to help audiences see REAL results in their business so they can succeed… And Your Brand can help!

Sponsorship Levels



  • Clickable name/logo on Summit Registration page
  • Newsletter feature once



  • Clickable name/logo on Summit Registration page
  • Newsletter feature twice
  • ​15-minute bonus interview to be featured in summit speaker day one
  • ​Pre-roll ​or Post-roll 30 second ad to play on The SuccessGrid Podcast for a month



  • Clickable name/logo on Summit Registration page
  • Newsletter feature 4 times
  • Official Sponsor of the Tell & Profit Summit
  • Top logo placement with website link on all email messages regarding event registration + daily schedule and summit registration page.
  • 30 Minute bonus interview featured session added to the Day 1 + last day Speaker page with clickable logo and website (and added as a podcast episode to The SuccessGrid Podcast)
  • ​Pre-roll ​or Post-roll 45-second ad to play on The SuccessGrid Podcast for a 2 months

Sneak Peek of Tell & Profit Summit

Day 1: Foundation & Mindset

Day 2: Profit Plan

Day 3: Message, Market and Audience

Day 4: Marketing + Sales

Day 5: Systems and Automations

Benefits Of Sponsorship

Sponsors Have Seen...

  • Increased exposure to the brand
  • ​A surge in website clicks, social follows, and inquiries
  • An increase in interest in programs, products, and services (and yes! some sales.)

Why Sponsor?

  • I have done the work to bring together a stellar audience of your ideal clients and customers, you just need to put your offers out there!
  • Your offers are exactly what this audience needs!
  • Summit audiences are ready to invest in themselves! They've been through the ick and mud trying to do this on their own and now they need help from a Brand like yours!

Are you ready to gain more exposure to your ideal customer or client and get in front of an audience that's ready for your help?

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