November 2 - 6, 2023

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Experts focused on growing profits and sales with authenticity and storytelling

Do you love to help entrepreneurs grow businesses and generate sales by being authentic and personal?

If you imagine a better greater vision for all fellow colleagues to do better.

Do you want to see people thrive in their businesses?

Then you’re a perfect fit for the summit.

I'm looking for high-quality, actionable knowledge from experts just like you for the attendees.

Sneak Peek of Tell & Profit Summit

Day 1: Foundation & Mindset

Day 2: Profit Plan

Day 3: Message, Market, and Audience

Day 4: Marketing + Sales

Day 5: Systems and Automations

The deadline to apply is ... October 15

Important Dates & Requirements

Speakers featured on the Tell & Profit Summit 2023 are required to...

  • I will introduce you based on the form you submit
  • Participate in one 45-60 min pre-recorded presentation video (It is not interview style, you can have a prepared talk or slides.) with Hussein on your topic.
  • After the presentation, I will ask a few questions based on it
  • Promote your talk starting October 25 via email, social media posts, etc.
  • Provide a free gift or resource for attendees to get more information and connect with you.

Important Deadlines:

  • Speaker Applications are due October 15
  • All speakers will be chosen by October 16
  • If selected to speak, interviews will start right away and be done before October 20

Some of the Speakers who have joined already

  • Chris Burns
  • Alison Ver Halen
  • Joanna Ingram
  • Adam McChesney
  • Michael Levitt
  • Susan Fennema
  • Robert Indries
  • Shlomo Freund
  • Stacy Braga
  • Mat Casner
  • Joseph Drolshagen
  • Jennifer Westbrook
  • Christen N. James
  • Scott Ritzheimer
  • Ford Saeks
  • Sheryl Mays
  • Krystal Vernee
  • Michael Pope
  • Hope Zoeller
  • Stacey Hylen
  • Rhonda Cash
  • Diane Helbig

Frequently Asked Questions

about the Summit

Please read this quick FAQ before you apply and make sure this event is for you

Is there a minimum list requirement to be a speaker?

There is no list requirement to be on the summit.

Having said that, I do want you to have an active email and social presence that you will share to.

Are the speakers required to promote?

Events like these depend on the speakers who are willing to share and get the word out. I will be doing everything on our side to share and put this event in as many people as possible.

I do ask that speakers who participate as a speaker help with the promotion.

Promotion can be a mixture of lives on social, posts on social, podcast appearances (having me on as a guest) and sending emails to your entire email list with a solo email

What do I get out of this?

Online events/summits can be huge for speakers. They can give you access to audiences you've never been in front of before, help you grow your list with your freebie that you'll be asked to share as well as help get additional exposure with your peers.

How will this event be accessed by people?

Every buyer will be automatically notified by email on how they can access the recording after they confirm their purchase, under the SuccessGrid Academy

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes! There will be an affiliate program for the All-Access Pass. Affiliate commission will be 50% of direct sales from the event and I'm looking at some other affiliate opportunities for the summit.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities?

YES! There are 3 tiers of sponsorship available, with options to fit your budget.

Sponsors get additional exposure, their logos proudly displayed as well as newsletter mentions, podcast pre-roll ads, and more!

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